Welcome to Impactful Engineer Slack

WANT AN INVITE? Send an email with your name, occupation (students welcome), why want to join the Slack and how you heard about us?

A meaningful and impactful career in software engineering is possible for every engineer.  Many people before you have blazed this trail.  Instead of learning and stumbling by ourselves, what if we had a place where we can learn from each other, ask questions of those who have done what we want to achieve and give back to our software engineering community?

The following guidelines are intended to help your experience on Slack delightful and help us all build a vibrant community for software engineers.

Once you join the Slack channel:

  1. Go and introduce yourself at #intros.  Tell us about yourself.
  2. Update your profile with a photo, update any relevant information about yourself.  (Maybe a link to your personal blog page, your LinkedIn) so that we know you are a human!
  3. Read our Code Of Conduct (TBD)
  4. Explore the Slack channels
    1. #intros
    2. #help-and-advice
    3. #resume-feedback
    4. #ama-tonytam
    5. #ama-of-the-week
    6. #impactful-engineer-interviews
  5. If your favorite topic is not being discuss, create a channel and announce it on #new-channels
  6. We expect that you will be respectful of others or we will revoke your access.
  7. This is not a place to recruit engineers, it is not a place to sell stuff.  Direct message @tonytam to report abuse.
  8. If you wanted to invite someone, direct message @tonytam and I will invite them.

This was copied from Rands leadership https://randsinrepose.com/welcome-to-rands-leadership-slack/