Free Office Hours

Free open office hours by the Impactful Engineer team.

We want to help software engineers who are in school or just starting out in the industry learn from our experience and make an impactful and meaningful career in our industry.

Every week, the team at Impactful Engineer holds open office hours in increments of 15 minutes. This is your chance to talk with software engineers who have been in the industry to get advice on resumes, job searching, feedback on career decisions, technical challenges.

Is this really free?

Yes, we will not take any payments because there could be conflicts of interest with our day job as software engineers. Each of the Impactful Engineer team has a list of non-profits we support and if you were to donate to those non-profits and mention our name and, we would be grateful for your generosity.

Office Hours: Saturdays 11:30 am to 12:00 pm PST – Best way to reach him is via email to tony at

Impactful Engineer Tony

Tony Tam – Sr. Engineering Manager of Engineering Productivity, 25 years of hands-on software engineering experience

Tony has been a backend engineer for Yahoo for over 16 years where he built top news web site in the world. He has led teams of 35+ engineers and has been the architect for 300+ engineers working on the backend of over 135+ websites in Yahoo media. He enjoys coaching and mentoring engineers on their resume and interviewing advice, challenges in their work, soft skills, building communities & how to have more impact at work.

He is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s BA in Computer Science, plays a lot of badminton and tennis, and is a huge fan of podcasts and contributes to the Android app AntennaPod

You can see his talk about “Managing Your Manager and Your Career” at

Donation to non-profits in lieu of payments: (suggest $5 to $100)

  • Cal Berkeley general fund –
    • Tony graduated from UC Berkeley and wants to give back to the university that has positively impacted him. Public universities need our help to provide equal opportunities to all students.
  • Angel Island Immigration Island Foundation –
    • Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (AIISF) raises awareness of the experience of Immigration into America through the Pacific.
  • Asian Americans Advancing Justice –
    • Asian Law Caucus is to promote, advance, and represent the legal and civil rights of Asian Pacific Islander communities